AGT Property Management – BLOG – Making Your HMO Appeal To Young Professionals

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Making Your HMO Appeal To Young Professionals

If you own an HMO there will often be two groups that you are marketing to. The first is students and the second is young professionals. There are other types of tenants, but these are the main two. Students come with their own benefits, but they will often attract higher maintenance costs and quicker turnaround times on your property too.

This is why we focus on making your HMO appeal to young professionals in this blog post. The young professional’s marketplace will often come with lower maintenance costs, lower risk of complaints, longevity of tenancy and a higher earning potential too. 

You can quickly see the benefits of making your HMO appeal to young professionals, can’t you? 

Fully furnished properties will be more attractive to young professionals. Having clean, modern and new furnishing throughout the HMO property in Peterborough will be of high appeal. Just basic furniture items such as a bed, sofas, wardrobe and a chest of drawers are great ideas.

Other things that you may want to consider for making your HMO appeal to young professionals is a large and spacious kitchen area where more than one person can be in the kitchen at the same time. Plenty of storge space in the kitchen is a must too. En-suites are preferential for professionals, especially with a good quality power shower. 

Think about the essential utility appliances that you can include in the HMO in Peterborough too. Things like a washing machine, dish washer and tumble dryer will be beneficial to all the tenants in your rented property.

It is essential that your property has good quality internet. Young professionals will require a good level of internet that they can rely on. But remember, it is likely all your tenants will be requiring the internet at the same time. This is why it is so important to have a high-quality internet connection.

Having these things in your HMO in Peterborough will ensure that your property appeals to young professionals. If you would like help marketing your HMO property in Peterborough to potential tenants, contact our team now.

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