AGT Property Management & Lettings – BLOG – Is Christmas A Good Time To Sell Your Home?

AGT Property Management & Lettings – BLOG – Is Christmas A Good Time To Sell Your Home?

It is well-known that the best time to sell your home is in the Spring. However, there are many reasons that Christmas could also be a good time to sell your home. There are a lot of benefits to selling your home in Peterborough during the winter season. We look at some of these benefits below. Maybe you will agree that this Christmas is a good time to sell your home?

  • Less Homes

Buyers are looking for homes all through the year, not just the spring months. After all, everyone needs a roof over their heads. There is a lot more competition in the spring months as there are more buyers and more properties on the market. House sales can often be delayed too as it’s a busier time of the year. When you sell your home in winter, there are less properties on the market. This means you could be more likely to get closer to your asking price, viewers will be serious about your home and there will be less competition for your home against other properties.

  • Better Viewing Times

Lots of us have time off over the festive season. This means it can be easier to arrange house viewings. You don’t need to juggle work, school pick-ups and lunch breaks. Instead, house viewers can come round at days and times when you and they are off. Buyers will be more serious during the winter months too. They don’t want to waste the limited time they have during the festive season. This can result in a much quicker sale for your home.

  • Warm and Cosy

While it might be wet, cold and dark outside, that actually can mean good things for your home. You can leverage that warm and cosy feeling of your home. A few scented candles, the odd lamp to bright dark corners and the heating on will all portray a warm and cosy home for the buyer. Throw some thick blankets on the beds and put on the fire if you have one. All of these things will help create a more homely feel for your property.

  • Best Neighbourhood

Viewing your house in the festive season will give buyers a real sense of community. Neighbours will have their lights on creating a cosy atmosphere in the street. Christmas lights and decorations will portray a friendly neighbourhood and one a potential buyer will want to live among. By having a festively decorated neighbourhood, your potential buyer will see the areas as cheerful. Who wouldn’t want to live in a neighbourhood like that?

It’s also worth noting that Right Move report record highs of traffic on Boxing Day. These are people that feel the walls closing in as their home begins to feel too small with family visiting, presents and decorations. Having your home up for sale around this time of year can only be a good thing.

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