Peterborough Landlords: Be Aware Of The Right To Rent Fine Increases

Peterborough Landlords: Be Aware Of The Right To Rent Fine Increases

Things are always changing in the world of landlords and lettings. This is why it can sometimes be useful to working with a property management company like our team. We can stay on top of all the updates and changes in laws and legislations. This means we can make sure you are legal by keeping our finger on the pulse, on your behalf. One of the latest changes that you need to be aware of as a landlord in Peterborough is the increases in Right to Rent fines.

The Right to Rent increases have come in as part of the Immigration Act 2004. This act ensures that landlords and letting agents have a legal responsibility not to home tenants that do not have the right to live in England. Those landlords that knowingly rent their properties to tenants that are lawful immigration status holders can face a civil penalty.

As of Tuesday 13th February 2024, the Right to Rent fines will be increasing significantly. If you were a landlord breaching the act for the first time the fine will increase from £80 per lodger and £1,000 per occupier to £5,000 per lodger and £10,000 per occupier. As a landlord in Cambridgeshire breaching this act again could result in a maximum fine of £10,000 per lodger and £20,000 per occupier.

It is essential that landlords check the immigration status of a tenant correctly. You must view the original immigration documents and make copies of these. These copies must be kept for at least 12 months after the tenancy expires. 

As a letting agency, we will check that all tenants occupying our landlords’ properties have a legal status to live in the UK. This is completed as part of our letting service in Peterborough. It always been and always will be. This is because we want our landlords and their properties to be protected.

It’s important to note that the Right to Rent scheme fines can be served to landlords or letting agents. This means that if you do use our letting services to find tenants for your rented properties in Peterborough, you are safe and protected, legally.

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