AGT Property Management – BLOG – Top Things That Attract Tenants In Peterborough

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Top Things That Attract Tenants In Peterborough

If you are a landlord looking to attract new tenants, a landlord considering purchasing a new property to rent out or someone considering a buy to let property then this is a must-read blog post for you. By understanding what tenants look for when looking for rental property, you can ensure you attract tenants in Peterborough to your property.

While different tenants will have different needs from their rented accommodation, there are certain things that all tenants will want from their future rented home. These are as listed below;

  • Light

Lots of natural light is a great bonus for your property. It will help a room look bigger, more spacious and airier too. While many tenants won’t say they are looking for a rented property with lots of light – this is an unconscious thing they will notice and really like about your property. Consider opening blinds and pushing back the curtains to let as much natural light in the home as possible.

  • Clean and Clear

A grimy, cluttered or messy property will never be attractive to anyone. Make sure you de-clutter your home and make it clean and tidy for when potential tenants come round. Modern fixtures and fittings work well too. If you have yellowing walls or peeling paint, then give your rooms a fresh lick of paint. This will be attractive to your tenants but also encourage them to better look after your property too.

  • Outdoor Space

If you can offer a garden or outdoor space to your tenants this will be very attractive to potential tenants in Peterborough. A garden is really popular with families looking to rent. Remember, you need to have a garden that is low maintenance so tenants can look after it easily. If you have a larger garden or a garden that needs a lot of maintenance, you may want to consider including or adding a gardener in the rent. This ensures that the garden is kept looking it’s best.

  • Storage

If you are looking for a long-term tenant, then storage space can be really important. Could you turn the dead space in the boiler cupboard into storage? Could you put a shed in the back garden, or do they have access to the loft? Additional storage space for garden tools in the shed, appliances in the kitchen or just their treasured belongings will be extremely attractive to tenants in Peterborough.

  • White Goods

Many tenants will expect white goods as standard. A washing machine or tumble dryer can make all the difference if it is included in your home. A fridge freezer will be very popular too. Think about white goods that you could offer in your property. By including them you could also put your rent up and tenants will be happy to pay slightly more to have these white goods included.

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