Top Tips For Letting Your Home In Autumn

Top Tips For Letting Your Home In Autumn

While many people think spring is the season to place your rental property in Peterborough on the market, autumn tends to be the best season. As summer ends, lots of people are looking to be settled in their new homes in time for the festive months of Christmas. 

The rental market in Peterborough tends to be very vibrant during the season of autumn. In this blog post we have put together some top tips for letting your home in autumn.

Seasonal Touches

Autumn is a season that is full of colour. As the leaves turn from green to brown and orange, people take time to enjoy the outside and connect with nature. If you are renting your home in autumn, you need to bear this in mind. Think of ways that you can bring the autumn season into your home. For example, orange cushions and brown blankets. This will make the home look cosy while bringing in those autumn colours.

Think about the smells too. Autumn smells like cinnamon, wood, spiced apple and smoky smells need to be introduced into your home. If you have a fireplace, light the fire and use scented wood. Otherwise consider air fresheners, candles or diffusers to create the autumn smell in your home. It’s a good idea to think about your lighting too. Soft lighting creates a warm and cosy feel, but the rooms need to be well-lit to look spacious.

The Garden

As autumn comes the leaves begin to fall. While this a continuous chore, you need to make sure you clear these leaves away. Having a clean driveway and garden clear of fallen leaves will create the perfect first impression. If the leaves are left on the ground the potential renters in Peterborough may fear that a lot of maintenance is needed to care for your home. This can be off-putting. If your trees and bushes are showcasing the autumn colours, make sure these are clear to see.

For visits in the early evening or during darker days make sure the outdoor lights are on. This will create a warm welcome, show your home in its best light and help with safety too. If you don’t have outdoor lights why not consider installing some, or even purchasing some outdoor solar powered lights to go along the pathway.

Think About Them

The viewing stage of your rented property is one of the biggest challenges. This is why we wanted to share a few top tips for letting your home in autumn, on this topic. When people are visiting your home, they get an idea for your home, but for the landlord too.  They will get an idea of how they will be looked after during their time living in the property.

Consider having a coat and umbrella stand in the entrance. Your viewers may arrive wet from the autumn weather and will really appreciate this little touch. It will help keep your home cleaner too as rain isn’t dripped through your home.

If you are looking to let your home in Peterborough and would like some more top tips for letting your home in autumn; give us a call. We will happily visit your property and share some more tips with you. 

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