AGT Property Management – BLOG – Your Checklist For Changing Address When Moving Home in Peterborough

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Your Checklist For Changing Address When Moving Home in Peterborough

If you’re finally found the perfect rented home in Peterborough and you’re all ready to move – there is one thing you need to do before moving to a new house. You need to make sure you change your address. 

We have put together a checklist for changing address when moving home in Peterborough. This will help you ensure that nothing is missed when you move into your new rented home.

The mail-redemption service from the Post Office is a great idea as a short-term solution. For a small fee you mail can be redirected to your new home. However, in the longer-term people need to know your new address.


It’s a little-known fact that you could be fined if you do not have the correct home address on your driving licence. This is the same for a full UK licence, but also a provisional licence. It doesn’t cost anything to change your address on your driving licence. You can change it online or in the post. It will take around 2 weeks to get your new licence back.

The Government

Before moving out of your old home you’ll need to get a final statement for your council tax from the local authority. You will also need to update your details on the electoral roll. The Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Electoral Roll will all need to be contacted with your new address, if applicable.


Think about insurance companies, bank accounts and credit card companies. These people will all need your new address. You don’t want things like your bank details, or a replacement credit card being sent to the wrong address and falling into the wrong hands do you? Your insurance costs may change due to your new address. However, if you don’t change your address your insurance could be invalid.

Regular Services

If you have regular services that you pay for, make sure these companies know your change of address. This include electricity and water companies, mobile phones, internet and more. If you don’t inform the water or electricity company that you have moved to a new house, and the new tenants don’t pay their bills, it could be listed under your name for you to pay. This is a stress you want to avoid.

TV Licence

Some people think that your TV licence goes to your new home with you. However, this is not the case. When you move into a new home you will have to change your address and personal information. This can be done through the TV licencing website.

Friends & Family

It can feel like a lonely Christmas or an un-loved birthday if you forget to tell family and friends about your new address. This could be a new address card in the post, a text message or a WhatsApp. Make sure you don’t share your new address publicly on social media sites as this information could be used wrongly by people that are not your friends.

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