AGT Property Management – BLOG – Why Peterborough Landlords Need A Property Management Company in Peterborough

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Why Peterborough Landlords Need A Property Management Company in Peterborough

Whether you’re a new landlord, an accident landlord or a landlord of many properties but you’re just getting fed up of the hassle; we can help. As a property management company in Peterborough, we are best placed to help Peterborough landlords with the stress and hassle that can come with being a landlord.

In this blog post we put together just some of the many reasons why Peterborough landlords need a property management company in Peterborough.

Tenant Screening

First impressions can be deceptive. Even the most honest seeming tenants can prove to become very difficult tenants. When you use a property management company, you can rest assured that potential tenant screening has been taken seriously. A tenant that pays their rent on time and looks after your property is great for you as the landlord. However, it also means less hassle for the property management company, so we will always work hard to get the best tenants for your property. 

Legal Requirements

Legal and safety requirements for rented properties are being announced and amended all the time. There is the EICR, EPC, gas safety inspection and Legionella risk assessments to name a few. When you’re a landlord but doing other things too, it can be hard to stay on top of these regulations and requirements. Here at AGT Property Management, we will make sure your property meets all legislation. If you need a professional contractor for various regulations, we can help with that too.

Quicker Occupancy

Our job, as your property management company, is to help you achieve the best financial return on your property. We have a selection of places we can advertise your rented property in Peterborough, that are included in your fees. We won’t charge you extra to advertise your property. We will look after your property as the old tenant leaves and make sure it is spick and span for the next tenant.


If something goes wrong at your property, we will get the call. We will do our best to resolve the issue. Then, during normal working hours we will contact you to inform you of the issue. If you need a plumber, painter or locksmith for example, we can sort all that out for you. We have a team of professional tradespeople that we work with and can get you preferential rates for any work required.

Robust Agreement

A tenancy is a contract between you and the tenant. It is required by law and can be a very important document if there is an issue with the tenancy. By using a property management company, you will have the peace of mind that the tenancy agreement covers everything it needs to and does so legally. This reduces the risk of any potential disputes now or in the future. It clearly states when rent is due, the notice period, an itinerary and more.

If you are looking for a small, independent and local property management company in Peterborough for your rented property; call us now. We will happily take away the stress of being a landlord from our clients.

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