AGT Property Management – BLOG – Guide To Garden Maintenance Of Rented Homes For Landlords

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Guide To Garden Maintenance Of Rented Homes For Landlords

As well as inspecting the inside of your rented property, as a landlord you need to keep an eye on the outside of the property too. Landlord garden maintenance may only be doable periodically. However, the tasks involved in keeping the garden in a good condition can be as frequent and similar to the tasks you complete on your own home.

We have put together a guide to garden maintenance of rented homes for landlords in Peterborough to help with exactly this. The tips included in our guide will help ensure that your garden stays well maintained, throughout tenancies.

The Right Tenants

If your property has a garden, we recommend you opt for longer term tenancies. People that are looking to rent in Peterborough on a longer term will be more likely to take care of the garden than those staying for a shorter time. Look at the potential tenant’s reaction to the garden when they arrive at the rented property for the first viewing too. This will help you know if your garden will be looked after.

Low Maintenance Garden

While you may dream of a stunning garden filled with exotic plants that need careful pruning and lots of attention, you need to go simple for your rented home. We recommend a slow growing and drought tolerant selection of flowering shrubs and perennials and these are easy to keep on top of with minimal care. This will give you a pretty garden that attracts tenants, but also doesn’t put them off or quickly become overgrown.

Clutter Clearing

When you are getting your rented property in Peterborough ready for new tenants take the time to clear out unwanted items. If you have furniture or equipment in the property that has seen better days, then clear it out. You also need to declutter and get rid of the things that a previous tenant may have left. This include checking the shed for old toys or broken washing lines.


Check everywhere for weeds and pull them out. It may take a few hours to de-head dead flowers and pull up all the weeds. However, this will give your new tenants a head-start on the garden maintenance of your rented property. Removing the weeds will help make your garden look neat and tidy for longer.

Lawn Care

An overgrown lawn can be off-putting for some tenants and can be difficult to put right too. Make sure you mow the lawn before potential tenants view the property, but make sure the ground isn’t wet as this can damage the ground. If you expect your tenants to mow the lawn, then consider purchasing a lawnmower to keep at the property for them.

Garden Maintenance In The Tenancy Agreement

When putting your tenancy agreement together, make sure you include a clause that covers the garden maintenance. It needs to cover the garden and clearly stipulate what garden maintenance you expect from the tenants. Without this clause in the tenancy agreement you will be unable to make a successful claim for poor garden maintenance, should an issue arise.

If you need help choosing the right tenants for your property or want to ensure your tenancy agreement includes everything it should, contact us. We will happily give you any advice you need or offer guidance too. Alternatively, we can manage your property on your behalf and take all the stress away.

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