AGT Property Management – BLOG – What You Need To Know About Your Tenancy Agreements in Peterborough

AGT Property Management – BLOG – What You Need To Know About Your Tenancy Agreements in Peterborough

When was the last time you updated your tenancy agreement in Peterborough? Is it even up to date and legal?

The thing about letting laws is that they change pretty frequently. This means that clauses, regulations and the terms and conditions within your tenancy agreement need to change too. This is one of the benefits of using a letting agent in Peterborough, like the team here at AGT Property Management. We ensure your tenancy agreements are always updated so both the tenant and the landlord are fully protected.

It’s important to note that laws passed in parliament are legally binding and therefore enforceable. Even if you have left it out of your signed tenancy agreement, the laws will still stand. However, if you add a clause that goes against the statutory rights of the tenant, the agreement will not be valid. This is even the case if the tenant has signed the tenancy agreement. 

While tenancy agreements can be made verbally, problems do tend to arise if they are not written. Once the rent from the tenant has been accepted by the landlord, the tenancy becomes legally binding. However, because there is no written tenancy agreement it can be hard for either party to prove what was or wasn’t said and agreed at the beginning of the tenancy. This is why we would always recommend a written tenancy agreement that is signed and a copy if given to both parties.

What ‘notice to leave’ do you have in your tenancy agreement? If no terms have been breached, then the landlord must give the tenant a minimum of 2 months’ notice to leave. This must be done with the issuing of a Section 21 notice. Meanwhile, the tenant needs to give the landlord one months’ notice in writing. However, if the tenant is on a 6-month contract, the landlord is unable to issue a notice to leave until month four of the tenancy. Again, as your property management company in Peterborough, we can manage this communication for you.

There are certain things that must be included in your tenancy agreement. This includes all rent information such as the amount, when it’s due and how it is to be paid. If you want to charge late fees, then this must be written in the tenancy agreement too. Services and utilities that are included in the rent must be stated clearly in the tenancy agreement as well.

Does the tenant have maintenance responsibilities for the home and garden? Even something as simple as mowing the lawn must be included in the tenancy agreement. If there are any additional clauses, such as a pet in the property, this needs to be referred to in the tenancy agreement but completed in detail on another document. Information about where and how the tenants deposit is being held needs to be included in the tenancy agreement too.

If you need help managing your rented properties in Peterborough or would like some support with the legal side of tenants, call our team now. We would be happy to help make your life as a Peterborough landlord easier.

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