AGT Property Management – BLOG – Don’t Leave Your Rental Property Out In The Cold

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Don’t Leave Your Rental Property Out In The Cold

When you are a landlord and renting out the property yourself, there may be sometimes when you are faced with a gap between tenancies. This can leave your property empty. If your rented property in Peterborough is empty during the colder winter months, you will need to take extra care to ensure your home does not become damaged by the cold and windy months that the winter season brings.

To protect your rented property in Cambridgeshire during winter you should do the following:

  • Keep It Warm

Keep the heating on in your home at a low setting. This will help to prevent the pipes from freezing. You may prefer to have the heating come on a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. This will help to keep the warm air circulating around your home while it is empty.

  • Dampness

Keep an eye out for damp, condensation and mould in your home. If the home is left empty for a long period during the winter months, we recommend you pop in every few days just to ensure there is no damp, condensation and mould in the property. If left, this can cause serious issues for the property.

  • Protect the Pipes

If you have exposed pipes in your rented property, we recommend that you cover them with insulations tubing. This will reduce the chance of the pipes freezing and exploding too. It’s a good idea to keep cupboard doors with water pipes inside open too. Doing this while the heating is on will help to keep the pipes warm.

  • Check the Taps

Take the time to check that all the taps are firmly turned off. Dripping water can freeze quickly. In turn this can lead to some expensive repairs as the water freezes up the tap and, in the pipes, too. Don’t forget the outdoor taps too. If they’re not insulated, then insulate them. Disconnect any hose pipes for the colder months too.

If you are struggling to find tenants for your home, give us a call. We manage the tenants, checks and payments for you. So, you can sit back with the peace of mind that your property is safe and the tenants are reliable. We’ll do all the rest.

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