AGT Property Management – BLOG – Top Tips For Selling Your Home This Year

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Top Tips For Selling Your Home This Year

There is a lot going on at the moment that is affecting the housing market. Things like high inflation, soaring food prices, crazy high energy bills and more. There is no way that can’t affect the housing market. Halifax has predicted that home prices could drop as much as 8% this year. 

While this is worrying news, people still need homes to live in. So, in this blog post we look at some top selling tips to for selling your home this year.

  • Energy Efficiency

When buying a home in 2019, the energy efficiency of a home wasn’t of huge interest to house buyers. However, with rising energy bill costs it is now. Look at ways that you can improve the energy efficiency in the home you are selling. Filling cavity walls with effective insulation and adding draught proofing to your windows are both good ways to improve the energy rating of your home. 

Why not consider upgrading your boiler to a more energy-efficient one or replacing old windows and doors for double or triple glazed windows and doors? These things may all cost money, but they will be worth the investment when it comes to selling your home.

  • Add Value

This year will very much be a house buyers’ market. This means that it will be very competitive, and you’ll need to add as much value to your home as possible. Doing things like upgrading your kitchen, giving the home a lick of paint, repairing those little things and smartening up the garden will all help your property stand out. The more your home looks great, the less the buyer will have to complain about or bargain with.

When you look at the value of your home, don’t just look at the overall price trend. Instead, look at these other ways that you can add value to your home for the ideal buyer. Think about the sort of buyer that would be interested in your home, and the little extras that they would appreciate. By putting these in place, you can add extra value to your home and make your home more popular to buyers too.

  • Good Photography

Dull or poorly lit photos of cramped or cluttered rooms won’t help to sell your home. Instead, you need clear and bright photos that really show of your home in it’s best possible light. Ideally, the pictures of your home need to help potential buyers imagine living in your home themselves.

If you are looking to promote your home in a modern and dynamic way, with high quality photos and videos of your home, speak to our team. High quality imagery and presentation is paramount in the current housing market. We can help you sell your home for the best price, even in a buyer-driven market.

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