AGT Property Management & Lettings – BLOG – House Buying Tips For The Summer

AGT Property Management & Lettings – BLOG – House Buying Tips For The Summer

Spring is commonly known as the best time for house buying. However, in recent years summer has started to become a more popular season for buying a new home. The sunnier weather helps to represent a stunning garden. It also helps to show off a home in it’s best light, from curb appeal to outdoor living options too.

If you are looking at house buying in Peterborough this summer, this blog will help. Below we share our house buying tips for the summer months. If you are looking to buy or sell your home this summer, call our team. We have buckets (and spades) or experience and will be only too happy to help you.

  • Keep An Eye Out For Reductions

Many homeowners put their homes up for sale during the spring months. These homes sometimes haven’t sold by summer. This means that homeowners will lower their asking price. They may also be open to lower offers. Keep your eyes peeled for those homes that have been on the market since spring. They may not be out of your budget anymore.

  • Check Out The Local Area

The summer months, longer days and lighter nights give you a great opportunity to check out the neighbourhood and local area. You can get a feel for what the neighbours are like. You’ll also see if there is a local community and if it’s something you want to be part of. Checking out the local area will help you asses the safety and friendliness of the neighbourhood. You’ll also get a chance to see what your potential neighbours are like.

  • More Viewing Times

Estate agents and homeowners will be able to host more house viewings during the summer. Once again, this is down to the longer days and lighter nights. Estate agents won’t often show homes on the dark and dreary winter nights as it doesn’t show the property in the best light. This isn’t an issue during the summer nights when the natural light of the day lasts longer.

  • Less Competition From Other Buyers

Summer is known as a quieter time of the year to sell your home. This is because people are often busy going away or managing children’s school holidays. As a house buyer in Peterborough, this is great news for you. It means that less people are viewing the same homes as you. In turn, this means that there is less competition from other buyers. 

Good luck with your house buying this summer. If you need any help, call our team.

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