AGT Property Management – BLOG – How To Avoid Tenancy Disputes

AGT Property Management – BLOG – How To Avoid Tenancy Disputes

There is just one key to avoiding tenancy deposit disputes between a landlord and a tenant. This is inventory. When you buy a home in Peterborough the key is location. However, when you are looking to rent a property in Peterborough the key has to be inventory.

One of the biggest tenancy disputes a landlord can come across at the end of the tenancy is the condition of the property. In addition to this, there is the dispute over how much of the tenant’s deposit should be returned. Should the landlord really be deducting the cost for cleaning? How much should be deducted for replacing furniture or furnishings that were in the same condition as when the tenant moved in?

A good inventory is essential for avoiding this type of tenancy dispute. By having a good quality inventory that lists the property, states the condition the property is and has clear photographs of the property, you will avoid disputes of this nature. This inventory should then be signed and dated by both the tenant and the landlord before the keys are handed over and the tenant moves in.

This is where a property management company, like the team at AGT Property Management and Lettings can help. We will manage the inventory for when the tenant moves in. This helps to avoid any later disputes about the condition of the property or furnishings in the property. 

In addition to this, the jointly signed inventory will also set out terms, conditions, obligations and responsibilities. This could include things like care for the garden, painting walls inside the room or who to contact when there are issues.

Further to this, we will meet the tenant at the property on behalf of the landlord. These will be periodic visits to keep an eye on the property. This way, if any problems have arisen the landlord can repair these for the tenant. In turn, this will help to keep the property in the best possible condition and maintenance for longer, with small issues being picked up quickly, before they become large and expensive problems.

As a landlord you need to remember that accidents will happen, and there will be normal wear and tear during the tenancy. However, the inventory will ensure that the property is returned in the best possible condition. Again, this is something we can manage on your behalf, as your property management company.

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