Top Peterborough Neighbourhoods For Commuters To Live In

Top Peterborough Neighbourhoods For Commuters To Live In

If you work in London or have just landed your dream job in London, you may be looking for the perfect location to live. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, Peterborough could be the ideal place for you to live as a commuter. 

In this blog post we look at the ideal Peterborough neighbourhoods for commuters to live in. These are based on areas that have regular access to transport links, and areas where people have a comfortable living environment to improve their quality of life.

  • Fengate

Fengate is a Peterborough neighbourhood based towards the east of the city centre. It is a popular area among professionals because it is close to major industrial and business areas. There are a selection of modern apartments and family homes in Fengate. This makes it the ideal location for single professionals as well as families. Fengate is close to Central Park, a lesser-known hidden gem in the local area.

  • Hampton

The Hamptons are a newer development of housing estates towards the southern part of the city. The area has been designed with modern living in mind. The contemporary housing developments across the Hampton areas are designed to cater to a range of people, from stylish flats through to spacious detached homes. The area has been well-planned with infrastructure well thought out. This includes parks, lakes, recreational spaces and more. It has excellent road connections and a regular bus service to the city centre and beyond. Hampton offers a ‘village community feel’ in a large township area.

  • Orton

The Orton’s offers a real mix of residential options. You will find affordable terraced houses right through to larger detached homes. Orton areas really do offer something for every budget. Each area has its own charm and is close to Ferry Meadows, a well-known local green space. Orton is well-connected by public transport. It is also close to the A1 motorway. This offers easy travel to the major cities north and south of Peterborough. Orton offers a well-rounded neighbourhood for commuters.

These are three of the most popular Peterborough neighbourhoods for commuters to live in. We believe that they are great neighbourhoods for commuters because they not only offer easy access to public transport and main roads, but they also ensure a quality of lifestyle that many commuters are looking for. These Peterborough neighbourhoods make it easier for commuters to get that work-life balance between work commitments and their personal well-being. 

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