AGT Property Management – BLOG – Highlight Features To Elevate Your HMO Property To Students

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Highlight Features To Elevate Your HMO Property To Students

If you are looking to attract students to your HMO property in Peterborough, then you need to highlight certain features. For example, while having a TV in the room used to be a bonus, this is no longer the case. Most students have a laptop, smart phone or tablet to watch TV from. TVs are no longer a requirement. However, there are other features that you can highlight to elevate your HMO property to students.

  • Location

Think about what is in the location of your HMO in Peterborough. If the property is walkable to college or university, shout about it. Alternatively, how frequently are the buses to university. Peterborough is ideal for London via public transport. Talk about how frequent and fast the trains from Peterborough to London are. Share details of nearby major roads for ease to get to and from their rented home in Peterborough. Local green spaces, shops, churches and gyms could be of interest too so make sure you talk about those too.

  • En-suite

Students are often happy to share living spaces and the kitchen for example. However, having their own bathroom can be a huge plus. This also means that you can request a higher rental price in Peterborough if a room can offer this. If an ensuite or private bathroom is something that you can offer in your home, make sure you have it advertised.

  • Living Room

Think about that smaller room in your home. Instead of having it as an extra room, could it be a living space? Many landlords opt to turn the living room into an additional bedroom. This is a smart business decision. However, offering that space as somewhere for students to relax and socialise can really elevate your HMO to students in Peterborough. A social space could be a huge plus, and it will portray you as a landlord that cares about their tenants.

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