AGT Property Management – BLOG – Maximising The Value Of Your Buy-To-Let Property

AGT Property Management – BLOG – Maximising The Value Of Your Buy-To-Let Property

Whether you are an existing and experienced landlord, a new landlord or considering becoming a landlord, this blog post is for you. There are lots of ways that you can maximise the value of your buy-to-let property and investment. We talk about some of these ways below for you.

Get To Know The Area

You may think you have found a bargain, but it’s important to know the area. Take your time to do your research on the area, the neighbours and the sort of people that live in the area. This research will be essential to avoid a potentially detrimental impact on your investment. Is it a popular area for renting? What sort of people are looking to rent in that area? Is it an area where there are lots of students, families or elderly people for example?

Personalise The Furnishings

Think about the type of tenant that you want in your property. Keep this ‘perfect tenant’ in mind when furnishing the property. If you have a family living there, consider if you are including beds and the sorts of beds and other furniture that will be needed in each space. If it’s students, you may prefer to purchase lower value furnishings. By laying out the property for your ideal tenant, you will attract your ideal tenant.

Use Social Media

To increase your chances of finding a tenant that is willing to pay the top price, you need to advertise the rented property in Peterborough in all the right places. If you are unsure how to use social media or you’re not in all the right place, speak to our team. We have accounts set up and we are members of groups on social media that can spread your rental property far and wide. The more places your buy-to-let property is seen, the higher demand for your property there is. In turn, the better your chances for maximising the value of your buy-to-let property in Peterborough are.

Work With A Property Management Company

Here at AGT Property Management and Lettings, we can work with you, every step of the way. We have a strong working knowledge of the local areas. Our team also know who is looking to rent and what they want from a rental property. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise that you need to maximise the value of your buy-to-let property.

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